Friday, April 26, 2013

Upgrade Squid Proxy Server, 3.1.22 to 3.3.3

mikrotik router and squid proxy server

A few days ago, suddenly, my squid proxy server (squid version 3.1.22 as transparent proxy) does not work or hangs. Weird... I've checked everything, but no luck. These are I have done,
1. check with command, ps ax | grep squid, ... ok.
2. check in /var/log/error.log, error, running well.
3. check on the firewall, shorewall, normal.
4. check router mikrotik, good.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

How does a Hotspot Billing System Work ?

This is a great blog post, about the theory or explanation of how a hotspot billing system works. Do not just make it but do not understand how it works a hotspot billing system. Even with the understanding of the theory, this will greatly help us in making a billing system, and will easily fix it if there is damage. This is not my post original, but I copy it from blog’s Om Rafequl. Thanks Om.

easyhotspot how hotspot billing system works

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PhpMyPrepaid on Fedora 18

network phpmyprepaid

After installed YFI and Easyhotspot as hotspot system billing, it's time to try another hotspot system billing, and I use Fedora 18 as Operating System. Phpmyprepaid, is interface hotspot system billing designed to work with a MySQL database and FreeRadius. Phpmyprepaid has not developed yet. The final version is phpmyprepaid 0.4-RC3, came out in April 2009. It is the oldest than others. (CMIIW)
Let's to begin.
As usually, after  installing fedora 18 with minimalist package, continue to configure network. Make sure some variable is exist.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to Fix PhpMyPrepaid 0.4.rc3

 Phpmyprepaid in fedora
This is story of my experiment, when install phpmyprepaid 0.4.rc3, on fedora 18. And another "friends" who been installed, were FreeRADIUS version: 2.2, Chillispot version: 1.1, Mysql Server version: 5.5.30. and Apache/2.4.4 (Fedora). It was very difficult to install. A lot of errors that I got. Probably, phpmyprepaid is too old, has long been abandoned, and no support with new things.
let's see list error, so if you find the error again, you know how to fix that…

Friday, April 12, 2013

a little review of Fedora 18

Fedora logo
This is a little review of fedora 18, when I install phpmyprepaid as hotspot billing system in fedora 18. Of course, I consider this interesting and important to build a server.

#yum repolist

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Easyhotspot in Centos 6.4 + CoovaChilli 1.3.0

In this section, I explain how to modify easyhotspot by adding coovachilli, in Centos 6.4. Usually, installing coovachilli can fix the problem of EasyHotspot login failed which sometimes happens. Before you continue reading this post, look at section easyhotspot with centos 6.4, in this blog. I assume you have been through 2 stages, (1)install apache, php, mysql, and (2) install web easyhotspot.

Install Freeradius 2.1.12.
Actually the same as before in easyhotspot with centos 6.4 section, just a few different configurations. I explain it all so as not to confuse.
yum install freeradius freeradius-mysql freeradius-utils
chkconfig --level 235 radiusd on