Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Configure Mikrotik as a Hotspot Server

 mikrotik as hotspot
There are many posts on how to configure Mikrotik as hotspot. But I am sure this is not the result of a cheat sheet. Even if some of section are the same, it was fate. Mikrotik is a friendly operation system, and is very easy to configured. Enough to know the concept of network, plus with a Winbox, then you will easily configure the Mikrotik, in accordance with your wishes. I configured wireless outdoor of mikrotik, as a hotspot. I forget the type of the mikrotik. It's been a long time. And now for the post on this blog, I configure the mikrotik hotspot again, but this time, the mikrotik is installed inside vmware.
Let’s begin.

Setup IP Address Ethernet.
In my case, the Mikrotik to connect to the internet, simply by setting IP address dhcp. Open winbox, Click IP – DHCP Client. In the open dialog box, click plus (+)
winbox mikrotik - dhcp client

The new Open dialog box will be appear again, like below. Select ether1 interface, and check peer dns, ntp peer and the default route. Then click Ok.
winbox mikrotik - new dhcp client

Click new Terminal.  Make sure Mikrotik connect to internet. Use command ping.  Look at picture below.
winbox mikrotik - new terminal

Setting DNS
Click IP – DNS. In the open dialog box, click Settings. New open dialog will be appear. Input IP DNS in the box Servers, for example  and check Allow Remote Requests. Then click OK.
winbox mikrotik - dns settings

Setting NTP (Network Time Protocol)
Click System – NTP Client. Continue to check enable and select Unicast mode, and then input IP address for Primary NTP Server & Secondary NTP Server, as shown below. Then click OK.
winbox mikrotik - setting ntp client

Setting Mikrotik Hotspot
Continue to setting Hotspot. Click IP – Hotspot
winbox mikrotik - IP hotspot

In the Hotspot dialog box, Click Hotspot Setup.
winbox mikrotik - hotspot setup

Then Mikrotik Hotspot Setup wizard, will be appear. This is easiest way to setup Hotspot interface in Mikrotik. IP address for Ethernet, DHCP Server, routing and firewall will be configured automatically. In the Mikrotik Hotspot Setup wizard, select ether2 as hotspot interface.  Then click Next.
winbox mikrotik - hotspot setup 2

Set hotspot IP address.  Then click Next
winbox mikrotik - hotspot setup 3

Set Pool dhcp, then click Next
winbox mikrotik - hotspot setup 4

For SSL certificate, select none. Then Klik Next
winbox mikrotik - hotspot setup 5

Because we don’t have SMTP server, enter Click Next
winbox mikrotik - hotspot setup 6

In the wizard Setup DNS, input IP DNS, then click Next
winbox mikrotik - hotspot setup 7

For DNS name, leave blank, then click Next.
winbox mikrotik - hotspot setup 8

Create users, and password,  then click Next
winbox mikrotik - hotspot setup 9

Done. Setup has completed successfully.
winbox mikrotik - hotspot setup complete

Back to the Mikrotik Hotspot dialog box. Click tab Server Profiles, then click twice to hsprof1 (look at example picture below). New open dialog box will appear about Hotspot Server Profile.
winbox mikrotik - hotspot server profiles

And then in tab Login, make sure in the section “Login By”, uncheck cookie, then click OK.
winbox mikrotik - hotspot server profiles settings

Until here, Mikrotik has been successfully configured as a hotspot. For testing of the client, create a voucher for the user / client. In the Mikrotik Hotspot dialog box, select tab Users – plus (+)
winbox mikrotik - hotspot users

In the new open dialog box, input  name & password. You can customize how the speed, duration of use, the mac address, and so on. It depends on your desire. Then click OK.
winbox mikrotik - hotspot users settings

In the computer client, browsing to any site, If the login page appears, it means mikrotik hotspot is working properly. Input username and password, that have been created. If everything is normal, the browser will be redirect to destination site.
mikrotik - hotspot page login

For security, don’t forget to make new password for user admin. Click system – password, fill new password in dialog box, and then click change.

mikrotik - change password

Generally, with a system like this, it can be regarded as a hotspot billing system, which can be commercialized. Of course there are a lot of drawbacks, such as :
1. Creation of user and password created manually.
2. There is no print facility.
3. Capacity for users is limited.
4. There's no price of package.
5. And so on, you can add it yourself.
...  To be continued.


  1. apne to graphical mode a setup ta dhakalen....koi apne to command mode a configure ta a dhakalen na....
    parly command mode ta dhakan

  2. Good Job ................................see more example

  3. If you have multiple numbers on a MikroTik MikroTik Wireless Hotspot and establish whether it is necessary

    1. a mikrotik hotspot has limit users (maybe 100 user, i'm not sure how many)... and then the mikrotik has limit memory and disk, depends the price & version..

  4. Can you help me implement the following rules on my mikrotik RB1100 X2 AH
    1. No internet for users in address list (Tellers) from 8am to 5 pm
    2. User (Tellers) has access to a list of approved sites 24/7

  5. detailed article. i got everything I want to setup a hotspot. very nice work.

  6. the login page is not working but in the client side the internet is working. what is the problem with my configuration?

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  8. nice. detail configure visit

  9. wow, am amused already. your article detailed, more grace to your elbow

  10. This is nice!!!!!! how can i set up the logout, status etc so that when i enter my hotspot URL like it should log out so that i should enter another user. (Problem is that when i enter it brings logout but when i want to log with another user, i cant get that option)

    When i enter it should show me the status of that current user.

  11. Nice one but l'm having an issue here. I have create mine hotspot and when l try to drop it in file, the device still shows mikrotic rather thanks my designed html page. What shd l do?

  12. i am very happy to get your help by this bloge and now my router is working fine
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  13. AOA

    My name is Rana Taimoor Ali.

    I am running a small ISP. I need a favor from you please help me out.

    I have some public IP addresses. when i configure them to route all PPPOE clients work well and use their on IP, But when i give public IP to a hotspot user it does not work no data pass through and browsing also stuck.

    can you give me any suggestion please.

    I'll be thank full to you.


    Rana Taimoor

  14. Thanks for the post it was really helpful

  15. Hex lite ma usermanager instal garna mil chha ki mildaina ?

  16. Thank you for showing

  17. hi can i know what kind of mikrotik device you use ?


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