Monday, May 20, 2013

Mikrotik User Manager as Radius Server

mikrotik user manager

I continue to post about hotspot billing system. Actually I wanted to post about Daloradius. However, because still need more experiments, then I delay for a while. And now I'm posting about the "user manager" of the Mikrotik. What is a user manager? User Manager is a RADIUS server application. It is a separate package for RouterOS.

Install User Manager.
1.      Check the Mikrotik, whether user-manager existing package. Click the System – Packages.
mikrotik - package list

2.      Download package "user-manager" in / download. Select the package, according to the Mikrotik version you are using. If you are using a Mikrotik with package the old version, you can download the old version of the package in or
3.      Open Winbox, then click user-manager.npk package already downloaded, and drag it to the Winbox. File will automatically be uploaded, and can be seen in Winbox - Files list.
install mikrotik user manager
4.      Restart.
5.      Check back in the Mikrotik, with the opening Winbox, System - Packages. File "user-manager" should be shown.

Mikrotik Configuration
See previous post about making mikrotik hotspot.  If all is ok, proceed with the following steps. Open winbox, click Radius - then click the plus sign (+) to add. Open dialog box will appear. Enter the IP address of the Radius User Manager, secret, for example : testing123, port, and check the hotspot service. Then click OK. Remember : IP address of Radius Server must IP Wan of router Mikrotik or you can enter IP localhost  (

mikrotik - radius settings

Back to Radius open dialog. Click Incoming. Check Accept, Port is 1700. Then OK.
mikrotik - radius port incoming

Then in the hotspot dialog box, click server profiles tab. Click twice hsprof1. Then the new dialog box will appear. Click radius tab. Select use radius, and accounting. Then click OK.
mikrotik - server profiles settings

Mikrotik User Manager
Finish to configure mikrotik, next open browser, and go to http://<ip-address-mikrotik>/userman. You will find login page user manager of mikrotik, enter default username : admin and blank password. Let’s begin to configure mikrotik user manager.
  • Configure Routers
Click routers – add – New.  In the new dialog box about router details, enter name, IP address, secret, and coa port. Look at example picture.
mikrotik user manager - routers settings

  • Configure Customer
For security, change password admin for login mikrotik user manager. Click customer, admin. And in customer details  box, enter  password, and other information.
mikrotik user manager - customers settings

Create a user in the "user manager", and then from the client computer browser, login using a user that has been created. If successful redirect and connect to the internet, meaning that the Mikroti User Manager has been successfully configured as a Radius Server.
Next, I will explain how to create voucher in User Manager.

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  1. dear nadia,

    saya sudah sampai tahap yaang anda tulis diatas tapi begitu waktu tes satu user keterangannya "RADIUS Not responding" di login menu juga di log, kira2 apa yg salah ya?terima kasih

  2. udah ketemu permasalahannya ada pada Nat WAN sama user manager yg blm diberi profile :D

    1. sipppzzzzz.... mantapzzzz...
      ingat, karena berkaitan... sebelum baca posting ini....
      baca dulu yang ini...

  3. ब्लग निर्मातालाई मेरो सलाम ! यो ब्लग मैले भर्खर मात्र हेर्ने मौका पाए । मलाई लाग्छ, यो ब्लग निकैनै उपयोगी हुने निश्चित छ ।

  4. Wow U can't imagine how long i struggled with router OS to see whats wrong with my Router Built-in RADIUS! just a little Goddamn CHECKBOX (RADIUS -> incoming -> accept) :D

    thanks u just saved my life ;)

  5. Dear kawan,
    kenapa ya jika saya login hotspot menggunakan user buatan dari user manager selalu error
    "invalid password" tapi jika login menggunakan user hasil buatan manual dari mikrotik ok.
    adakah masukan dari teman teman?


    1. artinya belum betul caranya bos... cara membuat user manager, baca dan ikuti langkah2 di atas dengan hati2... :)

    2. klu pakai 2 router mesti add dulu router A dan B biar bisa sinkron

    3. Kemungkinan ada nama user yang sama yang dibuat secara manual dengan yang dibuat melalui userman

  6. i have some problem with User Manager. it's not allow me login and alway show message 'Raduis not response". i already try this instruction. could anybody help me? My router RB1100ahx2

  7. Please upload video file. Thank U Very Much

  8. Replies
    1. Hi I have proplem
      when I restart my routerboard 1100 the radius not respond for 30m and the users in radius cant login but the user in hotspot work good and after 30m it work good
      so pls help me

    2. try use internet explorer to login userman

  9. Please upload video file. Thank U Very Much

  10. me podrias ayudar a conectar radius con una base de datos en sql

  11. how can i enable user to do a self sign up.

  12. lage raho munna bhai

  13. Thank for sharing,
    Is it possible to use the LAN ip hotspot gateway as RADIUS server ip?
    Or can we use the WAN IP gateway as RADIUS SERVER ip?

  14. Thank for sharing
    I would like to know ,how to configure user manager for hotspot possible login time.
    For example ,user (test) must have internet from (7 am to 8 am) ,(12 pm to 5 pm). Help me Please,I am in serious

  15. hi how I can setup user for 1 month limit only

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  18. i creat users on usermanager but i cont login in hostspot page please hlep me

  19. I do all the following steps but i can face always the radius server not responding error.How to fix the error please.