Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Easiest Way to Install YFI Hotspot Manager

YFI hotspot manager in windows

Many questions, how to install YFI Hotspot Manager in Windows? But YFI Hotspot Manager based Linux. That means the people who ask that’s question, are lazy, and want to finish quickly but do not want to bother to work. How can a wife be satisfied if you do fast finish??. just kidding. Hahahaha...
Ok. I provide the easiest way to install YFI Hotspot Manager, for those of you who do not like to tweaks Linux. Can’t use Linux, or maybe, don't like the Linux operating system. Only a few steps, you will get a hotspot billing system using YFI Hotspot Manager, and can be used immediately. You don't need to sign in Ubuntu Linux. This is good for you, who don't know how to use Linux. Just need 2 application software.

  1. YFI Hotspot Manager, ova extension, which is based on the Ubuntu operating systemDownload the latest version YFI Hotspot Manager Beta-6.1,. see at
  2. Virtual machine, in this case we use VirtualBox. Download VirtualBox for Windows. Look at
Prepare your computer device. Add a network card, so the computer has 2 good network card. (yes,.. must have good, do not use broken network card). I assume Windows already installed on your computer, such as Windows 7. At least 2 GB of memory, and a lot of available disk space....

Install VirtualBox.
For VirtualBox installation, just click next... next... next.. until finish.
Import file Beta6-1-1.ova (YFI Hotspot Manager)
After finish installation. Run the VirtualBox. Click file – import appliance
Then click open appliance. In the open dialog box, search and select file Beta-6-1.1.ova that already downloaded, then click open. Then click next – import . The dialog box about software license agreement, just click agree. Wait progress import file Beta-6-1.1.ova into VirtualBox, until finish. Then, we will find YFI Hotspot Manager (Beta-6-1.1) in operating system Ubuntu.
import yfi hotspot manager in virtualbox

Configure the Network
Almost finish, next select Beta-6-1_1 (Virtual operating system Ubuntu). Click setting. In the setting dialog box, click network section, select adapter 1. In the setting dialog box, click network section, select adapter 1. In the section “attached to” select bridge adapter. And select the name of Ethernet. This adapter / Ethernet is destination to internet. Remember, I assume, you get IP address from dhcp server in your router, or your ISP. So, you just plug cable and you will get IP address, then directly connect to internet. 
Select adapter 2, click bridge, and select In the section “attached to” select bridge adapter. And select another the name of Ethernet.  This Ethernet connect to access point then connect to users / client.
YFI hotspot manager setting network adapter

Done. Now run, the YFI Hotspot Manager. Select beta-6.1.1 and click start. It should be work. You will find a black screen with the login and password.
Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS YFI-beta6 tty1
YFI-beta6 login:

If you want to enter in Ubuntu , use username : system, password admin

It’s time to try.
From your computer Windows, go to browser, connect to YFI Hotspot Manager via browser, enter IP address http://<ipaddress>/yfi. For example YouYou should get a login page, use the username root and password admin, to get into YFI hotspot manager as administrator. and then, you can manage hotspot.
YFI hotspot manager login administrator

Then try again from users computer / laptop / notebook. Connect to hotspot. Open browser, for example Mozilla firefox. Browse to any site, the browser will redirect to page login / captive portal. Login with username and password that have been created by  administrator . Or with default login, username dvdwalt@ri  and password  dvdwalt@ri . It should be login success and automatically to go to internet. Congratulations..!!
YFI - page login client

At last, remember this point.
1.  YFI Hotspot Manager, must connect to internet.
2.  IP address users / client is –, netmask, and gateway make sure users get this range IP address.
3.  It’s not secure, tweaks again the Ubuntu, such as firewall, limited access to hotspot, change the password, etc.


  1. is there any difference yfi hotspot version 5.1 to version 6.1?
    I'm having trouble getting to work, what happens is that the computer where you installed works.
    but when I use computers with access to the router everything works except the internet, what do I do?

    1. I didn't find trouble when I installed yfi hotspot manager 6.1. It worked well. Remember to use 2 network adapter.
      You must know how to connect the internet. get IP address automatically, or must to configure IP address in ethernet manually.
      sign in to yfi, configure the network adapter. Then try ping to internet. configure dns if it not get dns automatically. configure in /etc/resolv.conf.
      if it successfully, then from users computer connect to another yfi network adapter. and then try to browse to internet. good luck...

    2. how do I set the dns? I'm newbie at this, do not understand much
      if you can, send me the code, location, etc :)

      I'm making the connection with a mobile, notebook, pc and router

      I use the mobile internet and send it to the notebook, the notebook got yfi intalled and configured of it I enter the portal yfi and on the internet normally.

      the router is connected to the notebook, and carries the "internet" until the pc.

      the pc I can access the portal yfi, but I can not access the internet

      I am sending some pictures to see if you can help me

      they are all from computer

      already, thank you

    3. I think your end user (pc) get IP address from router dlink, is that right ??
      end users must get IP address –, netmask, and gateway this IP address created by chilli in YFI.
      try this.
      1. disable dhcp router dlink.
      2. cable connection from wan port router dlink (connect to yfi notebook right ?), move it to lan port.
      3. cek again ip address end users, it should get IP address from yfi.

    4. only this way will not be able to use the wireless router right?
      My router would become a switch

      is there any way to get the internet to the router, and I access this via wireless internet?
      one second laptop accessing the internet via wireless, not via network cable?

    5. Well, I tested it here and it worked

      Thank you so much, the problem was so simple but could not understand

      the wireless works normally this way

    6. good, glad to know it's work..

  2. do you know what is password for root user? i try to access server thru ssh using root/admin is not work.

    - sham

  3. hi ngeri,

    Do you know how to make 1 server ( yfi ) and got many AP with different location but auth with this server?

    - sham

    1. This question is same as question from Edson Brumatti,
      1. disable dhcp from AP.
      2. Connect YFI to port lan of AP.
      3. cek again ip address end users, it should get IP address from yfi.

    2. Hi ngeri,

      i mean by i have 2 different location, each location have 1 AP. and i have this YFI server at another place.

      so do you know how to configure this AP to connect this server?

      you can check this high level diagram.

      - sham

    3. piece of cake. your yfi hotspot manager must connect to internet and can be accessed from internet. use IP public.
      then add mikrotik (beside AP) in another location. use pptp to connect yfi server.
      look at

    4. Hi ngeri,

      May i know which mikrotik ap can apply this? i saw many of mikrotik version.


    5. I think all version of Mikrotik, can handle this. connect yfi server by mikrotik, it's easy for mikrotik. not big problem.

    6. Hi ngeri,

      above url, mention about routerboard 433, but i think this device seems like is hard to find. Can you give me sample model that can support this..?


  4. How do you customise the login page?

  5. find folder, normally, in /var/www/c2/yfi_cake/setup/coova_json. there are many file, you can edit it with your lovely editor.

  6. Hi roel..

    My pc have static ip from network admin in my office. then how to setting VBox NAT or Bridge Adapter. My end devices also cannot obtain IP address from yfi server. it keeping "obtaining ip address" . I have disabled the dhcp server on ddwrt and make it dhcp forwarder to .

    How to solve it.. tq

    1. I dont understand about your network topology... :)

  7. Hi roel ngerii.

    thanks for the guide. currently im using this yfi hotspot and attached to it with an AP. but now, im planning to attach more APs using switch. how to configure this yfi hotspot to work with switch? please guide me...

    1. the important is, you must set the AP to bridge mode.... all services ( IP dhcp, login hotspot and so on) coming from yfi hotspot...

  8. Requesting assistance
    My Client PC receives the IP address in the desired range. it also shows the DNS is there.
    However, I can not see the login page, or even a sign of internet on the client.

    My virtualbox yfi server can ping
    Am using NAT as internet source because of the 3G usb modem, and Bridged to LAN for the wireless router.

  9. Sir
    In Yfi hotspot manager , after editing file , if i try to save , it shows access denied

  10. How can I access the server with captive portal via smartphone (Android or iPhone)?

    Thanks for help and for their fantastic work.

  11. it should be no problem, smartphone is no different with laptop, pc, etc.

    1. How can I configure my router to receive call from a smartphone?
      And then he asks the captive portal authentication.

  12. can i use this if i only have 1 adapter only?.

    1. yes, but you need more complex rules for routing the packet..

  13. How can i Create time based user Voucher in yfi hotspot

  14. How can i create user per profiles and authentication.
    Create time base and user vouchers

  15. Configure the Network
    Select adapter 1, click bridge, and select In the section “attached to” select bridge adapter (Qualcomm Atheros 192.168.30.x)
    How to configure adatep 2?
    Thanks for your help.

  16. Why i can't get IP ADDRESS LIKE 10.1.0.X ??...all the gadgets connecting to router gets IP 192.168.0.X



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